About Us
Investing in non-discretionary shopping centres for growth and prosperity.

Ganellen Property have been a successful owner and manager of neighbourhood shopping centres in Australia and New Zealand since 2010. During this period, we have managed a portfolio of core neighbourhood assets, valued in excess of $300 million, and achieved significant outperformance with average returns of more than 40%.

In the last decade, Ganellen Property and Emerge Capital established a specialist asset management business. We offer third party investors the opportunity to invest alongside us in Australian & New Zealand based non-discretionary shopping centres. Benefiting from Ganellen Property’s deep knowledge, experience and intensive management of this asset class.

Our thesis is to increase shareholder value by investing in retail shopping centres with a secure income stream and future development potential that we can actively manage and improve.

Our highly active in house management team with strong relationships have achieved significant outperformance by delivering to our investors an average annual return of more than 40%.

We have a considered slow growth strategy to ensure we continue to outperform and maintain our corporate values.

We prioritise our co-investment partners, our tenants and the other stakeholders at our shopping centres.